Step 1: Get The Extension

The ReVid Extension is required to access commentaries while watching the paired content.

The link below will take you to the Chrome Web Store, where you can install the extension for free.

Chrome Web Store
Chrome Web Store
Chrome Web Store

Step 2: Select A Commentary

The easiest way to jump right into the action is to click on a "Go To ..." button located on a commentary.

Commentaries can be browsed using any of the links under the "Explore" section of the side bar.

Please be aware, each video will originate from a Streaming Service, if you do not have access to that service, you will not be able to view the movie.

Recent Uploads

Step 3: Play the Commentary

In the same tab as the Movie, click the Revid Extension button at the top right of the browser.

Login to the extension with the same email and password you use for this website.

A list of avaiable commentaries will be displayed, select the one that you'd like to listen to. Then you can click off the window and the commentary will begin.

Extension Login
Extension Select
Extension Now Playing