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I did my drinking, twelve years of it!
Category: Drinking Game
Created: 03/06/2021

For that authentic Harry Potter experience of blacking out any time a dementor is close!

Mature Language Alcohol Use
Harry Potter and the Hand Fetish
Category: Drinking Game
Created: 02/13/2021

Join us for the longest movie in the Harry Potter series. The drinking game rules for this commentary are super aggressive, so there is no shame in not drinking for every rule.

Mature Language Alcohol Use
Episode 11: This is No Time for Abstract Art!
Category: Comedy
Created: 01/19/2021

It’s a special Halloween Episode, though it’s not very spooky… Unless you consider rampant 80s consumerism spooky, which Carson definitely does. Chopping Mall (1986) dares to ask the question: What if Paul Blart was replaced by killer robots? Think Wall-e, but he collects dead horny teenagers instead of garbage. Happy Halloween from The DVD Commentary gang! [we’re not a gang] “Raise the roof! Kill the Hornies!” - Everyone at some point

Mature Language Sexual Content
Episode 13: The Adventures of Hawk Dad and Circle
Category: Comedy
Created: 12/23/2020

It’s the Covid Holiday Season and we’ve got a double bonus episode on top of our already bonus holiday episode ‘Santa’s Slay!’ This time around it’s a Christmas movie with a little less violence and a little more bland empty soulless Netflix-algorithmic blah -- It’s The Knight Before Christmas. Cause the first thing I think of when someone says Christmas is The Middle Ages and Bubonic plague! “ ‘People said piss.’ - Dean Jackman 2020” - Dean

Alcohol Use Sexual Content
Take what you can, give nothing back!
Category: Drinking Game
Created: 08/29/2020

Pirates ye be warned. This drinking game commentary is not for the faint of heart. If you follow the rules closely you'll likely need a 12 pack of whatever you are drinking to make it all the way through.

Mature Language Alcohol Use

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