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The DVD Commentary

The Zoom Session, turned watch-along podcast, where we riff our way through the strangest/worst-est/🤨-est movies we can get our hands on⁉️


Episode 11: This is No Time for Abstract Art!
Category: Comedy
Created: 01/19/2021

It’s a special Halloween Episode, though it’s not very spooky… Unless you consider rampant 80s consumerism spooky, which Carson definitely does. Chopping Mall (1986) dares to ask the question: What if Paul Blart was replaced by killer robots? Think Wall-e, but he collects dead horny teenagers instead of garbage. Happy Halloween from The DVD Commentary gang! [we’re not a gang] “Raise the roof! Kill the Hornies!” - Everyone at some point

Mature Language Sexual Content
Episode 13: The Adventures of Hawk Dad and Circle
Category: Comedy
Created: 12/23/2020

It’s the Covid Holiday Season and we’ve got a double bonus episode on top of our already bonus holiday episode ‘Santa’s Slay!’ This time around it’s a Christmas movie with a little less violence and a little more bland empty soulless Netflix-algorithmic blah -- It’s The Knight Before Christmas. Cause the first thing I think of when someone says Christmas is The Middle Ages and Bubonic plague! “ ‘People said piss.’ - Dean Jackman 2020” - Dean

Alcohol Use Sexual Content